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Ensuring the safety of nuclear installations and the entire fuel cycle while optimizing energy efficiency – these are the unchanging challenges of civil nuclear energy production. Faced with growing global demand for energy and a desire to break free from fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gases emissions in a balanced economic equation, nuclear power is growing in more than 70 countries, thirty of which have no prior experience in this industry.

Assystem is the leading European independent nuclear engineering specialist, with 1,500 employees, of which - in a sector witnessing a skills shortage - over a hundred are seasoned experts currently on missions around the world.

Assystem has supported the players in the French nuclear energy market throughout the commissioning of the national installations (58 reactors) and continues to be a privileged partner in their maintenance, operation and development.

Assystem is involved throughout the cycle, from fuel production to reprocessing to the design, commissioning and decommissioning of nuclear installations. Its unparalleled expertise is key to its involvement in the most cutting edge research projects, such as ASTRID and ITER. Today, Assystem works to deploy its offer internationally, particularly in countries wishing to develop nuclear power in their energy mix such as the Kindgom of Saudi Arabia.

Assystem-Radicon supports businesses in managing their industrial investments, from infrastructure design through to dismantling, including commissioning, operations and maintenance.

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Assystem is an international Engineering and Innovation Consultancy with a presence in 20 countries and nearly 12,000 employees. We are a key partner for the largest industrial groups.

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