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Assystem-Radicon was awarded for its commitment to Saudi’s industrial cities

On 29th May 2016, Assystem-Radicon obtained an award by the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu.

They were awarded for their commitment and work in supporting the development of Saudi Arabia’s two industrial cities, Jubail and Yanbu.

For over 10 years, Assystem-Radicon has been supporting the development of these industrial cities - providing about 7 million hours of engineering design, and involving over 200 engineers, to develop the city’s transportation, building, power and telecommunication infrastructures.

The mission to perform all engineering and design activities for the region is expected to be completed in 2018.

Assystem-Radicon is proud and honored to have received this recognition for their long term commitment and involvement in the development of Kingdom.

Assystem is Ranked as the 2nd Leading Nuclear Engineering Company, according to the ENR ranking

The last ENR Sourcebook presents the most recent design engineering players ranking for the year 2015 across a wide range of industries. According to this ranking, Assystem progressed by two ranks in the nuclear industry; from fourth place in 2014, to second, in 2015.

Indeed, Assystem has declared a 80 MUSD of revenue for its nuclear design activity (out of a total of 205 MUSD revenue for its overall activity in this sector) compared to 63.3 MUSD declared in 2014. KEPCO Engineering & Construction CO. LTD remains first, making Assystem the first independent nuclear engineering company in the world, able to work with any technology providers.

The ranking highlights once more Assystem historical commitment and expertise in this sector. Indeed, for 50 years, Assystem has been supporting the development of the industry in France and abroad. Assystem was born in the nuclear sector and has supported EDF, the French nuclear facility, in the commissioning and maintenance of the 58 French reactors. Besides being independent from any technology providers, Assystem and its 2500 nuclear experts work on nuclear projects all over the world and are able to intervene both on the entire nuclear fuel cycle and on the entire life cycle of a nuclear facility. Assystem’s leading-edge skills in the industry has enabled it to work on some of the most complex and challenging nuclear project such as Iter, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, currently in construction.

The ENR sourcebooks conduct a deep analysis of the engineering design market every year by ranking industry leaders in particular market fields. The rankings are based on annual revenue declared at home and abroad. To know more on ENR ranking go to http://www.enr.com/toplists.

Assystem-Radicon Participates in the 7th Annual SAOGE

During the end of November, Assystem-Radicon participated in the 7th annual Saudi Arabia Oil and Gas Exhibition (SAOGE) in Dahran. SAOGE is Saudi Arabia’s largest oil and gas exhibition, held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud Bin Naif Bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, and each year draws visitors from all over the world. This was the first time that Assystem-Radicon participated as an exhibitor at SAOGE, which was the opportunity to present Assystem-Radicon’s engineering design and project management expertise in the oil and gas sector to the industry’s leading actors.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As the COP 21 conference on climate change and environmental action takes place in Paris, the importance of sustainable, responsible development is the center of attention all across the world. As part of the Assystem Group, Assystem-Radicon is fully involved in and dedicated to corporate social responsibility. Since its inception in 1966, Assystem Group has developed a culture of innovation, sustainable profitability, and environmentally-aware processes. Assystem is committed to the UN Global Compact and ISO 26000-based processes to defend human rights, fight corruption, and preserve our planet. A dedicated ethics committee ensures that all employees are treated fairly and are offered myriad opportunities for growth. Eco-friendly measures are made to ensure that Assystem and its engineering activities leave as small an environmental footprint as possible. Assystem-Radicon, working at the heart of the Assystem Group, is at the forefront of making positive changes today and for tomorrow.

Saudi Electricity Company Visits Assystem’s Center of Excellence

The end of October brought an exciting event to France – two representatives- a high level project director and manager- from Saudi Electric Company (SEC), the Middle East’s biggest player in the production and distribution of electricity, spent two days visiting Assystem’s Belfort office. The home of Assystem’s Center of Excellence in Power, the office serves GE and Alstom and is a fine example of Assystem’s innovative and top-level capabilities in the power sector.

Saudi Arabia’s energy needs are colossal, with an increase in demand of more than 7% per year, jumping to 10% during peak summer months, during which the need for air conditioning is at full force. The country is rapidly industrializing, and has large ambitions to develop infrastructure for its growing population (currently nearly 30 M). SEC estimates that by 2024, the country’s electricity needs will be over 110,000 MW. This represents a multitude of opportunities for engineering companies.

Assystem-Radicon has been a long-time partner of SEC, working as a local engineering company particularly on networks and substations. Assystem in the Middle East and now in France aims to position itself more strongly on the market by offering the full range of its global offers to this major player. The visit reaffirms Assystem’s ability to think global and act local, and highlights the strength of teamwork between Assystem’s French and Saudi teams.

Great Recognition for Assystem innovation in heat transformation

Assystem has been awarded the 2015 French National Grand Prix for Engineering for the development of a new generation of external heat supply engines called Energine.

Developed by Assystem engineers in partnership with the FEMTO-ST Institute, the Energine solution produces mechanical or electrical energy from a source with a temperature in excess of 150°C. A member of the family of External Heat Supply Engines in which no fuel is burned, this innovative engine can be integrated into a heat-emitting industrial process to convert the heat into electricity. This innovation can also recycle the exhaust heat from a vehicle to reduce its consumption, or deliver high heat yields in homes and commercial buildings. Under the auspices of the French Ministries of Ecology, Economy and Housing, in partnership with the French Engineering association, Syntec-Ingénierie, and the French media group, Moniteur, the French Grand Prix for Engineering gives recognition to engineering professionals for the quality of the design and conduct of an outstanding project due to its innovation and creativity in either infrastructure and industrial products (transport, energy, and networks), public facilities, the building sector, industrial construction, complex systems or industrial processes.

Dominique Louis, Chairman and CEO of Assystem Group, said at the Award ceremony: "We extend our sincere thanks to the members of the jury. This award directly rewards the work and innovative spirit of Assystem’s engineering people. Energine is one of a new generation of engines that contribute directly to reducing the impact of energy production and consumption. We are proud to contribute to industrial advances that can lead to more sustainable world."

Thibaut Cartigny, Energine project leader at Assystem: "The Energine engine is a genuine innovation. In France, one third of energy consumption in industry and buildings is lost as wasted heat. Energine not only recycles this lost energy but above all enables 90% of it to be used above 150°C. This converts into 25% electrical energy and 75% useable thermal energy. Energine forms part of the Assystem Innovation Factory projects that aim to stimulate, promote and develop tomorrow’s world while aligning with human, environmental and technological challenges. This has been a successful wager and a promising solution for tomorrow."

Assystem Hosts Client Event in Saudi Arabia

On June 2, Assystem-Radicon hosted an exclusive client event in Al Khobar, KSA. The event, which featured speeches by Frédéric Cheneau, Middle East Business Director, Assystem, and Sales Director, Assystem-Radicon and Almahdi Kurdieh, Managing Director, Assystem-Radicon, was attended by around 40 top-tier customers of the engineering company.

The speakers discussed the strengths of Assystem-Radicon and its long-standing role in the Saudi engineering sector, as well as the importance of the Saudi market for the company. They also provided further details of Assystem's best-in-class international expertise, and demonstrated the added value of Assystem-Radicon's services for clients. The networking event provided an opportunity for selected Assystem-Radicon employees to engage with clients in order to understand their needs more thoroughly.

Of high interest during the event were Assystem-Radicon's capabilities within the nuclear sector, which is currently in the nascent development stages in KSA. The client event is one of several recently focused on the March 2015 incorporation of Radicon into the Assystem Group.

Senior Management of Assystem-Radicon
attends Nuclear Training Session in Saudi Arabia

On April 21 and 22, ten members of the senior management team of Assystem-Radicon attended a two day training session on expert-level nuclear training. The training program conveys cutting-edge technical know-how, landmark project insights and the latest market trends, and provides further insight into Assystem's deep-rooted culture of nuclear safety.

The program aims to further strengthen the nuclear capabilities of the local key personnel in order to be ready to support the development of nuclear power in Saudi.

The session, the first of its kind, is part of Assystem's Nuclear Institute and is part of the larger integration strategy for the newly acquired company. Says Almahdi Kurdieh, CEO of Assystem-Radicon, "the wealth of insights into the offerings, policies and procedures will further enhance the skills of our senior staff and enable them to leverage Assystem's comprehensive portfolio of global services for the benefit of our clients. We are proud to be one of the first companies to shape the future of Saudi Arabia's nuclear energy sector. With the right mix of international experience and local talent, we provide a powerhouse of knowledge and skill that can develop the industry across the GCC." Further training sessions will be organized in the future.

First Press Conference in Riyadh to Announce the Launch of

From left to right, Stephane Aubarbier,
Ali K. Al-Harbi, Dominique Louis, Betrand Besancenot

On March 4th, in the presence of Bertrand Besancenot, French Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Dr. Mohamed Al Kathairy, Secretary General of the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Assystem organized its first press conference in Riyadh to announce the launch of Assystem-Radicon.

Dominique Louis, Chairman of Assystem, Stéphane Aubarbier, CEO of Energy & Infrastructure and Ali Al-Harbi, founder of Radicon explained how Assystem-Radicon would provide significant value addition to the country's many infrastructure projects, with a strong emphasis on the development of local resources. Indeed, Assystem-Radicon is already looking to recruit over 100 local staff in the coming months, from graduate entry to managerial positions as part of its objective to double its total headcount to 800 employees in the next 2 years.

Assystem-Radicon, a new engineering offer in Saudi Arabia

Assystem announced that it had completed the acquisition of 75% of the Saudi engineering company Radicon. Radicon’s knowledge of the market and expertise, combined with Assystem’s skills in project management and engineering, strengthen the abilities of both companies to seize opportunities related to the country’s many infrastructure projects. Already, Assystem and Radicon won a joint tender with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior, worth €5 million.


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