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Growing together

Assystem-Radicon aims to attract and retain local talent through recruitment and career development programs aimed at Saudi nationals and engineers in particular. Assystem-Radicon is looking to double its size in the next two years to reach about 800 persons.

Since its inception in 1966, Assystem has developed a strong culture that has been enhanced with the arrival of new teams and the challenges the company has had to face. Our teams all share strong values which are encrypted in our DNA.

These values are:

  • the creativity of its teams in finding solutions, dealing with complex situations and supporting the innovations of Assystem customers
  • the reactivity of an organization at the service of its customers in an iterative process characterized by "first times" and an increasingly global and competitive market
  • the solidarity among generations of seasoned experts and engineers embarking upon their career in culturally diverse teams and industrial and economic sectors with staggered cycles
  • the responsibility implicit in committing to professional excellence in the realization of a project or mission, but also that of a company aspiring to be a responsible financial and social corporation.

Today, showing a new path to growth, we bring together our intelligence, our capacity for innovation, our creativity and our values to build, with and for our customers, tomorrow’s performance.

Key Figures

Assystem group: nearly 12 000 employees

Assystem-Radicon: More than 400 employees

More than 100 hires planned in the coming months for Assystem-Radicon

70% of our managers started their career as junior engineers at Assystem

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About Assystem

Assystem is an international Engineering and Innovation Consultancy with a presence in 20 countries and nearly 12,000 employees. We are a key partner for the largest industrial groups.

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